Nothing is more fun than getting to photograph the love story for one of your favorite people and her man! Kellie and I met via instagram just because we were both photographers in close range to each other. The first time I ever met her is when she very willingly road tripped to a wedding with me (EVEN THOUGH WE HAD JUST MET THAT MORNING). From there it’s history and we now work together quite frequently… or take Ikea trips where she is basically the WORST influence by convincing me to buy things like… my dream dresser - oops. She has easily become one of my most trusted work buddies, and someone I really admire within our industry

So I texted Kellie the morning of the day this shoot took place. I was bored outta my mind, had just got better from being super sick and needed to get my creative juices flowing before it drove me crazy. Her and her man grabbed the beers and met me at the most random field in Temecula. Shout out to the amount of rain Southern California has been experiencing because this field was so muddy. And not even just “oh no my shoes are gonna get muddy,” we were full on sinking into the ground that’s how muddy this field was. When we safely could go no further, it was time to break out the beers and have some fun. It’s nights like these that make me thankful to watch so many sunsets with friends.

Thank you Kellie and Curtis for being the freaking cutest, and hanging out with me while we watched the sun go down. Most of all, thanks for trusting me with capturing some moments for your own love story!